Google ADS (PPC)
Paid Search Marketing ist in der Marketing- und Werbebranche unter vielen verschiedenen Namen (und Abkürzungen) bekannt. Suchmaschinenmarketing (SEM), Pay-per-Click (PPC), Suchmaschinenwerbung, gesponserte Angebote … die Liste geht weiter. Bevor Sie beginnen, müssen Sie die Namen bestimmter Werbeprogramme und Anzeigentypen angeben, z. B. B. Google Ads (ehemals Google AdWords), Google Product Listing Ads, Google Shopping Ads und Bing Ads.

The biggest advantage of paid search is the appearance of your company at the top of the search engine results page. While it is always possible to improve your organic search strategy to rank position 1 or position 0 with a featured snippet on the SERP, the paid search guarantees this. This is all the more true for mobile devices, where a smaller screen means that more and more properties are getting sponsored results.

Several surveys have also shown that many searchers cannot tell the difference between paid and organic search results. No difference in the willingness of the searchers to trust organic search results compared to paid results.

When you’ve invested enough, PPC is the fastest way to get to the top. If you’re familiar with the platform, you can set up a PPC campaign in less than an hour and immediately appear in the sponsored results.

Tracking is much easier with search engine marketing too. You no longer have to play with ads that you have paid for in advance in other media, and you can hardly measure how successful they are. Paid search allows you to track all of your ads, keywords, and earnings for better ROI. This also means that an advertiser can test campaigns much more easily.

All of this, along with access to the websites and products of the affiliate networks of the individual search engines and the ability to plan advertisements and determine specific locations and times, makes paid search an integral part of your marketing strategy.


Wenn Sie ein kleines Unternehmen haben, ein knappes Marketingbudget haben oder einfach nicht mit den großen Suchmaschinen ins Bett gehen möchten, können Sie mit dem organischen Marketing dennoch erhebliche Fortschritte erzielen.

Auch wenn es so aussieht, als würde Marketing immer mehr zum „Pay-to-Play“ werden, gibt es mit einer cleveren Strategie für organisches Marketing viel zu gewinnen, sei es SEO (Search Engine Optimization) oder Social Media-Kampagnen.