For Doctors
For Doctors
Our team already supports several doctors in Europe.We help you to place your ordination accordingly in the front in the search engines.We also take over your Google ADs campaign management and advise you continuously and sustainably on possible savings potential or purposefully with the achievement of the greatest possible ROI (return-on-investment)
Why should you choose us?
  •   Focus on ROI (return on investment)
  •   No utopian costs!
  •   Money back guarantee (up to 90 days, only for SEO)
  •   Can be canceled at any time (quarterly)
  •   Periodic reporting according to the key figures you have defined (e.g. conversions achieved and money earned from the budget?)
  •   Transparent campaign and project management
  •   Competitive guarantee and strict selection (we only support a certain number per area, industry, scope of services)
Specialization in the following industries in Europe:
  •   General practitioner
  •   dentist
  •   Dermatologist
  •   gynecologist
  •   Orthopedics
  •   Ophthalmologist
  •   Plastic surgeon
  •   pharmacies
  •   Internist
  •   Psychology / Psychotherapy / Psychosomatics
  •   Alternative medicine
  •   Your branch is also happy!

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