Offpage SEO
What is off-page SEO?
“Off-page SEO” refers to all activities that you and others do outside of your website to improve the ranking of a website in search engines. Although many people associate off-page SEO with link building, it goes beyond that. Many activities that do not lead to a standard link on other websites are important for off-page optimization. On-page search engine optimization takes place inside the website, while off-page SEO takes place outside the website. If you write a guest post for another blog or leave a comment, do an off-page website promotion.
Offpage SEO
Off-page search engine optimization is not just about links.
It goes deeper than that. For example, brand names (your website URL or your brand name mentioned on another website with a hyperlink) are an essential aspect of off-page search signals. As intelligent bloggers and content marketers, we usually start with de-m-on-page SEO. But we don’t stop here. Because things that are important to Google are often not on your website. Depending on your marketing goals, the time you spend on off-page search engine optimization will vary.
Pete Meyers from Dr. Moz found that many website owners spend about 30% of their time off-site and 70% off-site. For other website owners, these percentages are reversed.
Off-page SEO simply tells Google what others think about your website. For example, if you have a lot of useful links to your pages, search engines will assume that you have great content – the type that adds value to users.
SEO Connection
Otherwise, why would people waste time connecting to it?

People only quote, reference and share content that they like. Even in a brick-and-mortar store, you will receive many verbal recommendations from your current customers if your product is helpful and affordable.

Search engine optimization can be scary, especially if you don’t know how to add your new content pages to Google’s top 10.